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A game where you play as a rumba with a gun … AND a shotgun. It's a top down shooter where you shoot bad people in suits and collect items to replenish ammo and health. It has a small introduction/tutorial which leads into a challenge mode and also an endless mode. Content is procedurally generated.

Made in Godot Engine 3.2 Credits go to 

- sound: isaiahmcelvain

-sprites: small bean the ghost

-carpets/walls (and story idea): "TheBechet"

Install instructions

Download the zip. Unzip. Play. It's literally just an executable and a small data file.

WARNING: Linux or mac builds are not tested. If you download them and they don't work, please tell me and I will remove them/look after it


energy_crisis_win.zip 40 MB
energy_crisis_linux.zip 41 MB
energy_crysis_mac.zip 41 MB

Development log

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